I'm christy anne.


I'm a creative girl, always wanting to bring out the best in people and capture the unnoticed and fleeting moments. I believe that details, no matter how small, have significant impact on us. Whether that's the necklace you were gifted and is now your favorite treasure, the dainty lace on your wedding dress, the laughter that fills your heart, or the love shining from your eyes as you gaze into your loves' face. Every detail of your special day makes up the joy, the experience, the bundle of love you share. Moments are short, and we often forget the details.  And that's why I'm here!

Friendships are what make my heart happy and I wholeheartedly believe in kindred spirits! I want to get to know your personality, your laugh, your humor, your passions and favorite things in life so that when you are in front of my camera, you can relax because there's not a stranger lurking behind it! I know how camera shy and insecure being in front a camera can be {trust me}, and I here to help you along the way to show you it's far from that! It should be a joyful and fun experience, and I work hard to build deep trust relationships with everyone I meet. 

Your story is precious, every detail, and your life is beautiful, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I would love to show you your beauty through pictures! Let get in touch!


  - some things I love & what makes me thrive -

 photo credit  Aurora Grace

photo credit Aurora Grace
























"Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul."       -unknown

"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."     -Roald Dahl







I'm a girl of imagination. A dreamer of dreams. Thrilling tales of love and adventure are my favorite kinds of books. I'm a hopeless romantic! Love stories give me the thrills and I absolutely love hearing and photographing them!

 image by the amazing Hosanna Joleen

image by the amazing Hosanna Joleen






I'm a country girl at heart. Rolling hills, grassy wildflower fields. Gurgling brooks, laughing rivers. Birds singing with all their might. I love nature in all it's diverse and unique forms. Creation proclaims God's praises everywhere!


 i'm a girl who likes words, so naturally i use them often, and for long stretches of time. i love to talk, share stories and exchange advice. i love to help people. ideas, inspiration & creativity are happy and abundant things for this girl!


- here are a few things that i absolutely  l o v e -




flowers...  i don't know a single day of my life where i didn't gush over flowers, want to pick them and not pick them - let them just bejewel the fields and grow, create bundles and bundles of bouquets for friends and the windowsills and dining room table, just love them. blooms in almost any shape and size make my heart happy. from one single little daisy picked by little hands, to a field of sunflowers. i love them all. they make me smile every time, and the biggest kindness anyone could ever show me is a bouquet - or even just a single stem - of those lovelies. 





dresses... are also something that make me happy heart & soul. they remind me of days gone by... where ladies dressed up in beautiful outfits just to go to town. maybe I should have been born several hundred years ago - i've always wanted to wear a hoop skirt, go to balls and dances, and wear a dress every single day.


music & dancing... my absolute favorite thing. ever.       as a girl, i did ballet. it always seemed to amazing to me that one could dance and learn different steps that matched perfectly to a piece of music. i grew up with lots of classical music, and still enjoy the heartfelt melodies of Mozart, Strauss and so many more. i don't only love classical music... i fact, i like lots of different kinds of music.... like i mentioned, ballet has been a part of about six years of my life, and i absolutely love it. i have not been dancing regularly for several years, and miss it tremendously. it's my way of excise and artistically expressing myself. i greatly anticipate group get-togethers that include some dancing! as of now, i have learnt scottish folk dancing {so so so enjoy it!}, english country dancing {so fun!}, and some barn and line dances common in texas. dancing is one of my absolute favorite things to do, and i am known to never turn down a dance idea. i'm hoping i'll be able to learn more in the next few years.... swing, the two step and ballroom dancing are some types i would like to accomplish and master!

travel...  i have traveled and moved across the globe several times in my short lifetime, and travel, adventure and new places... airports, airplanes and ohhh. road trips. looong long road trips. music on repeat, potato chips for snacks. windows down for a while so we look all wind bown and adventurous. take too many pillows just because pillows make road trips 1000% better. rest stops. sunrises. sunsets. new towns. quirky roads. it's all a part of a great big adventure. my life has been one big journey. many moves, many plane flights. not suprisingly, i now absolutely love flying and i enjoy packing and moving. but there's always a feeling of sadness with each move. the memories left at the old place. the laughter that echoed in the rooms. the joys, the sorrows. life has a way of being very happy and very sad all at once. new places are exciting, but there's still a place in my heart that's home. and i am miles away. i'll be back Aotearoa. i'll be back. i may be in a big, loud place but i'm learning that i can call this place my home too. it's the big state of texas. and it's home. for now.

creatives...  my. where on earth do i begin on this one? i am crafty. i am a needleworking, knitting. crocheting. sewing. quilting. scrapbooking. cardmaking. artsy. colorful. and all round creative girl. i find there's not a single craft i don't like. i love 'em all! 

cooking...   you're looking at a cook. a self taught, hearty-food-that-warms-your-heart-and-soul kind of cook. a gathering around a big table make me exceedingly happy. the kitchen is my therapy for any random bad day. give me a bunch of canning and i'll actually get excited! give me a challenge and i'll wear a big grin and dig right in. give me lots of veggies and i'll thank you. give me a day to make whatever i want and i'll reward you with a bunch of heartwarming dishes you'll eat for days. when in need of comfort food, i always want a huge plate of fresh salad... and then a huge plate of creamy mashed potatoes and green beans. with a pint of Nadamoo ice cream afterwards. perfect. now my mouth is starting to water and want food... so i'll stop talking about delicious things! ;)