in which jesse + jordan hug and laugh in wildflowers :: decatur, tx engagement photographer

I found the heart of my best friend

It's the kind of love that understands

He said it changed his life to be my man

So he bought a ring and took my hand

|| found a heart - emily hearn ||


Their story began when Jordan moved to Alvord, in the 7th grade. At the time, Jesse thought everyone talking about the new girl with braces was overrated and Jordan thought the curly headed boy was incredibly obnoxious. But being in a class of 50 students, there wasn’t much they could do to avoid one another. Jesse’s favorite flirting technique was propelled by a football injury that landed his left arm in a cast. One day in English class, he asked Jordan to sign in a specific spot so that every time he looked down, he coincidentally saw her name and thought of her. Anyone who knows him, knows he’s a charmer…and he had that quality even in the 7th grade! By October, Jesse had asked Jordan out three times only to to receive an unapologetic “no” each time. She returned to school one day and finally told him that if the offer still stood, she'd be his girlfriend. Unlike Jordan, Jesse didn’t play hard to get.

In High School, Jesse and Jordan became very involved. Jesse in student government, Football, and FFA. While Jordan participated in cross country, track and basketball. Because Jordan is a few months older, she drove Jesse on their first “alone” date. They went on a romantic trip to Walmart, getting groceries for her parents. During these years, they went just about everyday after school to get a snow cone or to the local café. It was here that Jesse introduced her to baked potatoes and her life was never be the same. After stressful football games or basketball games, they would often make a late night drive to share an order of cheese sticks at the sonic drive through in “their spot” #30.

As it came time to go to college, Jesse and Jordan went to different Universities. The distance was tough at first but eventually they became so involved in our areas of interest that it became easier. They get asked quite often how they spent so much time apart for so long but they do not think either of them could  imagine it having worked out another way. College allowed them to grow, mature, and find their way separately while still together. God used this time to mold their traits, personality and strengths into something complementary to one another.


Finally, Jesse proposed in a way that perfectly described both of them. After a big win on Senior Night, Jesse got down on one knee in the middle of the basketball court. All of Jordan's family, friends, teammates, and University basketball fans were there to witness it. Not only did Jesse get to assume his position as the center of attention, but he realized he no longer had to share her with basketball.


I had such a lovely time capturing engagement photos for these two! Even though the sky was clouded over and it looked like it might rain, it held off and granted us some perfectly dreamy light! Our first spot was the quaint Whistle Stop Cafe. The arches and the stonework there are such a beautiful backdrop for photos! 

Our second location was Jordan's aunt's land out towards Chico. The yellow wildflowers are in full bloom and the landscape was dotted with them. The scenery was so beautiful! 


I asked Jesse and Jordan to write each other love notes, the result is so sweet I nearly teared up reading them!  Their love is so simply beautiful inside and out! 

 Jesse – if someone would have told me all those years ago that we’d be getting married, I don’t know if I would have believed them. I have had the opportunity of watching you grow and growing with you. I did not agree to marry you for your ability to fold laundry or for your weird love for WWE, but for your ability to encourage and love me every day. For the passion you bring to every task that you’re given. For your servant heart and desire to right wrongs. For the nudges you give me when you tell me it’s not okay to be a lazy cow and watch Netflix with a tub of ice cream all day. And for the man of character you have grown to be who’s dreams are bigger than my own. I cannot wait to be Mrs. Jesse Brown.  – Jo

Jo – To say you are my best friend would be an understatement. You are my soul mate. I love you. I have loved you since the 7th grade. You have watched me struggle and have stayed by my side. You have given me strength and support when I needed it most. You have always known how to calm me down when my emotions get carried away. You give me peace in a crazy world. I can say with confidence that I am a better man because I have you in my life. The Lord has blessed me by letting me spend my life with an angel. Thank you for loving me Jordan. Thank you for always being you. Thank you for believing in me. - Jesse


When I found out they swing dance together, I had to get them to take a spin for me! 


Jesse and Jordan, 

Thank you so much for giving me the honor of capturing your simply charming love for one another! I had such a lovely time! May these photos convey the precious memories and beautiful heart of your bond. I cannot wait to capture your wedding! It's going to be even more special and absolutely delightful! Blessings to you as you continue to cherish the moments at hand and wait for that long awaited day to arrive. 

heartfelt & blessed,