refreshing lemon lime sorbet // i'm christy anne recipes

hello friends!

The weather has recently been warm and inviting, and making this girl long for summer! today, as I was working on some editing my little sister came bounding in - asking excitedly if I would "pleeeeaseee make some lemon lime sorbet!!!".

I continued working, promising to go make something yummy in a few minutes.

Little sister, on the other hand was going to make this happen. She's one to take initiative... so when I entered the kitchen, I found every ingredient already out on the counter for me, ice included. She's the sweetest thing. Little helpers are the biggest blessing. Just sayin... ;)


And so... while I was peeling lemons... I thought, why not share this simple, refreshing drink with you all? It's really a taste of tangy and sweet, nice and cold for a sunny afternoon {or any day that needs a bit of refreshment and cheer!}  and - totally good for you! A great way to get some of that vitamin c and some greens you wouldn't even know were a part of the deal until someone told you they were added.

So, go throw that idea of a sugary milkshake out the door and have some of this silky smooth citrus sorbet! You won't regret it and it will leave you totally refreshed! 

 Here goes! 

since I had the privilege of making a bunch for my family all at once... I used greater amounts than what I am about to list. 


2-3 cups of ice

1 lime & 1 lemon preferably just peeled and cut in half. if you're picky about the seeds, go ahead and take those out, but if you're like me - my blender takes good care of those and nobody notices one bit.  {me? I LOVE something tangy, so I like to add more than usual!}

a good spoonful of honey to taste

a small handful of spinach 

water, to help with the mixing

the fun part

now for the fun part! put about a cup of ice cubes into your blender, and blend them until they turn powdery and white - I like to term it "snow" for fun. :) 

next, your going to add your limes and/or lemons - I just use whatever I have on hand! go ahead and add in your honey and spinach at this point as well. the longer they get blended - the finer and creamier your sorbet! I tend to add just a small dash of water at this point if my citrus isn't super juicy, which helps everything cream together better.

keep blending.... and add some more water if it's too thick to be creaming up nicely! Once it's delightfully smooth and somewhat soft - not runny, but not as thick as in these pictures - add ice cubes as you keep blending to your desired thickness. I like to make ours relatively thick, add water and ice alternating until I get the desired amount to give everyone a glass full! Think of your homemade snow, citrus, honey and spinach as almost a concentrate. Then as you add ice and a little water, you're thinning it out so that you don't end up puckering up when you enjoy it! I like tangy drinks... so I tend to taste it after adding ice so see if I need more honey to sweeten it or if I need to continue adding ice & water to thin it out. A sibling of mine will always gladly lend a hand and taste as well. Often saying it needs sweetening! ha! 

once you have reached your ohhhh and ahhh moment of sweet, tangy and thickness, grab your favorite glass or mason jar, spoon it to the brim... stick in your favorite straw, and sit down in the sunshine. grab a book, chat with a friend - spend some time feeling refreshed. it's a great way to refocus! I know my eyes and mind were so refreshed to keep editing afterwards!

It took me about ten minutes to make this! I made one pretty large batch for all of us {lots of citrus peeling and blending ice haha!}  - so it should really only take you about five. seriously. go make some. you'll thank me later!

If you enjoyed this - leave a like and or a comment below! I love hearing feedback from my readers, and it would surely put a twinkle in my eye and a happy smile on my face! 

should I share more recipes...? let me know!