my summer ahead // life happenings

I write with a million thoughts in my head, all tumbling over each other so that I cannot even describe what it's like in words. There is so much to tell, so much to learn and so much to grasp. 

Big changes are happening in the life of Christy Anne, and I'm here to tell you a story of one of them... so sit tight and grab the nearest refreshing drink, be it tea or water or fresh juice, {or I guess even coffee, but if you know me.... coffee is only for very special occasions..} and enjoy the ride with it!


I'll start by saying.... 

this summer will be life changing. I see the Lord already doing new and marvelous things, and I am excited and anticipate more.  

What things?  


Well. First and foremost, I will not be living at home. That, in itself is going to grow me and I'm sure I will learn lots of innumerable things through it.  

Through a year of prayer, a whole year of "thinking", a whole year or wondering, it's happening. And I'm beyond ready. 

Christy Anne is going to be leaving home on July 1st, to TYLER, TX for a YWAM DTS.  

What is a YWAM DTS?  

DTS stands for Discipleship Training School, a five month missions course. The first half of it will be at the base in Tyler, learning and growing. The second half will be outreach. It may be in the US, or international, i do not know. 

I haven't really ever done missions work, going out and reaching out. I am excited to learn and grow and mature. I know Jesus is going to teach me new and glorious things and I pray that I will have a ready and open heart to hear him.  

so..... for those of you who would like to keep up to date, I will be creating a Facebook group soon, and I hope to blog a couple of times. I really think I am supposed to put a lot of my work aside, photography and social media included.  I'll do my best to update and share prayer requests with y'all. 

For right now, here are a few things I could really use prayer for!  

• provision for funding to come in through jobs and photography - I would love to book a few more portrait sessions before I leave!  

• peace and direction for my preparations and this time leading up to July. it's pretty around here his month, but I want to stay focused and resting in Him.