the miracle that changed everything // when I walk on the waters // part two

So remember, I shared part one of the story...? If you have not read it, you may want to go read it or this post won’t really completely make sense.  I mean it will, but you know... it’ll be the full story and it’ll make so much more sense to you and I guarantee you it’s worth knowing the full story because this story is so exciting!  I'm farrrrr too excited - I have trouble typing sometimes!

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  so anyways, now that you have read part one… Here we go onto part two! 

...I went to bed that night at peace, and knowing God had something in store for me...

I had no idea what it would be but I chose to trust and lay aside doubt and anxiety instead.  

I woke up the next morning and spent most of the morning celebrating my sister's 21st birthday a few days early so that I could celebrate it with her since I was not going to be home on her actual day. I was a little nervous, just the tiniest bit anxious and constantly, constantly praying and wondering. What was going to happen? I really really was looking forward to seeing what God would do.  

As the morning went on I seriously began in tensely praying, thinking and talking to my mama about what I should do, if I should do something and how I would do anything at all. 

 In the end I called several leaders and mentors in my life and told them about my situation and asked for their prayers as I figured out exactly what to do. After a short time of prayer, I then felt led to begin calling people. Now, calling people was the last thing I wanted to do because that was so far outside of my comfort zone. I honestly thought I would have a crazy anxiety and worry attack if I tried to do that. Who says calling people and asking them for support is  easy, comfortable, or enjoyable. I really freaked out for a few minutes wondering who in the world I should call. I mean, I know lots of people. And I sent out so many newsletters and emails, that I doubted whether anyone would welcome a phone call about my situation and the funding I needed.
The Lord really blessed me  and I began to have ideas of who I could call. I started making a list on a piece of paper of names... It seemed like a pretty hopeless crazy idea to try and raise $2600 in the next 24 hours. But I had to start calling people. I began to feel very passionate about the way I should go about it. Never in my life did I ever think I would be calling people to ask for their funding support for a five months missions course. If you had asked asked me a few years ago or even just a year ago that I would have laughed.  If you had told me I would enjoy or even do this and have the courage to step out in faith, I would’ve told you you were crazy!! Missions wasn’t something I have always “longed to do”.  
So I began to call friends, & family whose names I had on my list. New ones that came to mind I wrote down on my list and called them even though my head told me this was a crazy idea. I continued calling people and one by one this crazy thing happened... they wanted to support me. Pretty much every single one! wow....
The amount of prayer, encouragement and financial support that started rolling in started giving me crazy amounts of courage. The ones I had jotted down and thought were least likely to contribute - contributed generously when I asked directly for support for this crazy amount I needed to raise in 24 hours. Honestly, there were so many times during the day that I doubted and yet the Lord spurred me on to have faith to just keep going and keep calling people. I called people all afternoon.
 By 9pm - I was at around $1700. From having $200 that morning to $1700 in an afternoon, I began to sing - literally - as I posted, updated and messaged people like a crazy person. I hardly ate - and only got up to stretch my legs from cramps I got sitting for hours, passionately pouring out my heart and informing people.

 I didn’t think I could raise that much in two days and I had been doing it in just one afternoon. Just by talking directly and making the need directly known to friends, family and people I knew through phone calls,  numerous posts on my Facebook page and on my Instagram page - the outcome stunned me.  I continued  reaching out to people through messages late that evening. As it turns out a lot - if not most - of my friends are up at midnight and so I was messaging people up until around 1 AM. I later realized, if I had not stayed up I would’ve stayed at the amount I had made for the afternoon towards my funding. But as it turns out if you just keep going and keep persevering there will be a reward. I managed to raise my numbers quite a bit that night and when I finally went to sleep all I could think of was "God, wow! this is working!!    this.    is.    working. "
I had no idea in the beginning if this would work. It was just something I felt the Lord prompt me to do and He blessed me through it incredibly.  

Something so far out of my comfort zone I hadn't really thought of doing it before.

And so around 1AM, I finally went to sleep and decided I would get up early and keep contacting people. The next morning I woke up early, as planned and then somehow managed to fall back to sleep instead of getting up. That doesn’t seem to come hard for me - I am notorious for sleeping through alarms, missing the right time to get up by literally even falling asleep in the process of getting up. HA! Crazy me! Anyways, I fell back to sleep in the middle of a heartfelt prayer of thanks to Jesus for His faithfulness. 
I woke up quite a bit later, feeling blessed and rerfreshed and subsequently I started checking my text messages, facebook notifications and instagram notifications. The kindness and the support I was recieving made my heart ache. It was so incredibly overwhelming to see the Lord working on my behalf. I then stumbled upon a kind comment, stating that this donor would match a donation amount to get the last $800 raised for the minimum I needed to be able to go. My jaw literally dropped. What?! If I had gotten up early and stressed or gotten frantic on what I could do to raise the last bit, I would have ended up exhausted and overwhelmed. Instead, the Lord prompted me to sleep, get physical rest and in the meantime PROVIDE for me. How awesome and loving is that?! SO AWESOME.
Within the next 30 minutes I was able to raise those $400 to release the matching donor's amount. I sat on the floor of my room, papers covered in lists, names, phone numbers and prayers. I shed tears and typed THANK YOU to so many people I had lost count. I thanked the people, the wonderful blessings in my life, and I thanked the Lord. He had done a great thing. And to think! He did it FOR ME. And now I get to share it and tell others - Hey! Our God is an AWESOME God!

As I started to gather everything together to leave, I continued to receive messages and replies... My mama wisely suggested that I keep contacting and updating to reach my overall total  for my tuition fee. I was skeptical, but went ahead and let everyone know I had reached my minimum  and still needed help to finish raising the rest of my tuition.
I was soooooo scatter brained. I had made a packing list, packed some of it here and some there - now it was time to really truly get packin'!! I scrambled my things together and spent some time with my older sister before I left. Messages kept rolling in as I rolled out {see what I did there?! haha} on my next adventure. 
I arrived at the beautiful Twin Oaks Ranch YWAM base with tears rolling down my face. 

I made it. I mean, whoops. God "made" it for me. I just followed and obeyed and walked out in faith instead of doubt.
I literally felt like I had walked on water.

Walking into the unknown is a big leap from staying in your comfort zone. 
I thought that after coming back from five months with YWAM doing a DTS last summer I knew what I wanted and where I was going. Before DTS even started, I had a plan and thought it would go accordingly.
Little did I realize the incredible, awe-inspiring, challenging, life-changing awesome ways my life would be stretched, molded and refeshed by that summer adventure, and that He would call me back here to this ranch just a month and a half later to continue the journay He has me on. A journey I didnt expect, a journey I definitely didn't think I would ever walk. 
Yet He led me here in His awesome, tender grace and I am thankful, blessed and overwhelmed daily that I am here. I am here for a reason, and I look forward to seeing more impossible things made possible. 

Our God is an AWESOME God. What should we fear?

Walking on water seems ridiculous, impossible, outlandishly crazy. Yet He held my gaze, He walked with me and showed me that through Him, with Him, in Him I can. I have faith when I feel incapable and I can keep walking when I feel like I am sinking. 

And so concludes this second epistle of this amazing, glorious miracle in my life. Looking back on those few days just weeks ago I marvel at the numerous things He has already done in my life, my heart and my soul in just a few short weeks.

I am blessed to be here. I am thankful to be here. 
I am here by His mercy, provision and gentle hand guiding me. 

He is


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the miracle that changed everything // when I walk on the waters // part two