happy thanksgiving! and a quick note of hello...


{from our turkey to yours...}


I'd say I've been looking forward to this day for quite some while - but... shamefully only for the pies. That's somewhat acceptable right?! Let's go straight for the DESSERT! haha



My little brother owns a lovely {could be questionable if you're not fond of poultry!} pair of turkeys that inhabit the backyard. Peeking into the living room windows is a past time of theirs and walking around gathering bugs. Mr. Tom turkey, who goes by Thomas, is quite determined to win his lady's affection. Sadly however his lady, Miss Sweetpea, does not pay any mind to the striving Thomas and ignores him with a vehemence that is quite surprising. Fluffed feathers, gobbles and walking around her in circles does nothing at all to affect her state of mind and so the play keeps happening every day as he tries and she ignores. Ah well, maybe she'll come around some day...


There are also two new chickens on the Gerlach acreage. They do not have definite names as of right now, but they'll get some soon I am sure. Say hello to a lovely golden Bantam rooster and his hen, a Vorwerk chicken. 


They're both quite "chill" as we like to say around here. In other words, quite tame, and you are able to hold and pet them quite comfortably without any squabble. Tame chooks are our favorite and tend to get picked up and pet on a regular basis. 
In other news - my sister is also home and since chickens are her favorite, she took no time getting outside and holding them this morning.


Miss Vorwerk is a sweetie, and kind of became my favorite really quickly. She's nice and plump for her size and makes the most unique clucking noises. She'll turn into a lovely hen when she grows up. :)

In other news, I am home from DTS! And... will be blogging more regularly soon with pictures from my trip to Ecuador. Stay tuned! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! There is so much to be thankful for!

heartfelt & blessed,

Christy Anne

happy thanksgiving! and a quick note of hello...